The scope of this conference embraces the state of art and future trends in tribology research and application, emphasizing the necessity of facilitation intellectual collaboration across both disciplinary and national-international boundaries. The main objective of the conference is to provide a unique opportunity of presenting and discussing recent developments in different aspects of Tribology and strengthen the linkage between academia and industry. The conference consists of scientific sessions, symposia on specific topics, exhibitions and various collateral events. Turkish and Foreign groups of experts will have chance to share information and get in touch with other groups in all part of Tribology. Nowadays these aspects are becoming more and more important both in respect of human life and environment.  


  • Fundamentals of Friction and Wear;
  • Nano & Microtribology;
  • Tribology in Manufacturing;
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies; 
  • Tribology in Machine Elements;
  • Bearing design and applications;
  • Materials; Mechanic components; Composites & Composites Material;
  • Metal Cutting and Theory (mechanics), Cutting tools;
  • CAD/CAM Applications; Neural Networks;
  • Tribology in Transportation Engineering and Power Generation Systems;
  • Lubrication & Lubricants & Additives;
  • Solid, Film, Thin Film, Boundary, Hydrodynamic Lubrication;
  • Engine-Automotive Tribology;
  • Coating Tribology;
  • Sealing Tribology;
  • Biotribology;
  • Space Tribology;
  • Nano & MEMS Tribology;
  • Nuclear Tribology;
  • Measurement and Monitoring; Condition Monitoring;
  • Materials Characterization;
  • Tribological Properties of Solid Materials;
  • Tribotesting and Tribosystem Monitoring;
  • Surface Engineering;
  • Surface Topography;
  • Contact Mechanics;
  • Multiscale and Applied Material & Nanofriction in Physics;
  • Design and Calculation of Tribocontacts;
  • Tribochemistry, Chemistry;
  • Efficient Maintenance and Operation of Tribosystems;
  • Other Topics Related to Tribology.

Contributors are invited to submit papers on these themes and in any engineering application related to tribology.
The official language at the TURKEYTRIB’15 conference used in presenting and writing the papers, is English. No translations will be provided.