The papers are keeping confidentially in our library as the participants can publish elsewhere if they wish. We are selecting the papers for special issues. It take a few months. We will inform it. Please wait with patience.

But if you wish you can publish elsewhere.


Prof. Kaleli

SPECIAL ISSUE: Selected papers (14) presented at the TurkeyTrib’15 conference, will be published in Industrial Lubrication and Tribology Journal. A special issue “TurkeyTrib15” which is now live on the Industrial Lubrication and Tribology ScholarOne Manuscripts submission site.
Authors should be asked to submit directly to the special issue through ScholarOne Manuscripts at
Authors should contact if they require any assistance. They must quote the journal name and special issue title with their enquiry.

High quality selected papers will be recommended to publish in Journal of Tribology of ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)


The scope of the Journal is: Friction and Wear, Fluid Film Lubrication, Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication, Surface Properties and Characterization, Contact Mechanics, Magnetic Recordings, Tribological Systems, Seals, Bearing Design and Technology, Gears, Metalworking, Lubricants, and Artificial Joints and IF: 0,897

  1. Paper must be original and has not been published elsewhere;
  2. There are no copyright issues; and
  3. Paper undergoes a thorough review process through one of associate editors.

The authors will upload their paper into the ASME Journal tool website and submit their paper for review and at that time they will sign on the copyright agreement form.
They will begin the review process by assigning an Associate Editor whose expertise matches the subject of the paper to conduct the review. They strive to get papers processed quickly, at least the first round of review within 1-2 months. There is no limit to the number of papers that can be submitted. Journal of Tribology is considered to be the premiere journal in this field and highly respected around the globe for articles that are long-lasting and make major advances in the field.

The selected papers by the scientific committee, presented at the TurkeyTrib’15 conference, will be recommended to be published in Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, ISSN 1310-4772,, Ed.SciBulCom.Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria, indexed in many databases including Thomson Reuters with an Impact factor 0.321 in 2013/2014  during the year 2016 through the help of Turkish Tribological Association.

SPECIAL ISSUE: Selected papers (10-12) presented at the TurkeyTrib’15 conference, will be published in Tribology – Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces Journal in Maney Online. Please visit the journal homepage, Print ISSN: 1751-5831| Online ISSN: 1751-584X), The Editor is Professor A Neville (University of Leeds, UK). Let us to know if you wish publication in this journal.

SPECIAL ISSUE: Selected papers (10-12) about biobased lubricants” presented at the TurkeyTrib’15 conference, will be published in Industrial Crops & Products Journal. Please visit the journal homepage This is an International Journal that publishes academic and industrial research on industrial (non-food) crops and products, containing both crop-oriented and product-oriented research papers – a platform where agricultural research meets industrial R&D. Imprint: ELSEVIER, ISSN: 0926-6690, 5-Year Impact Factor: 3.559. Let us to know if you wish publication and your paper is appropriate in this journal.